Calzoni hydraulic motors are the result of their original, patented design. The Parker Calzoni motor is produced in sizes from 32cc up to 23034cc per revolution. The efficient design allows for a smaller installed product for the same displacement when compared to other, similar units. Since there are no internal connecting rods, frictional drag is reduced, as well as most thrust loading. By creating a static balance on the shaft, the lifetime of the unit is extended.

Calzoni Radial Piston Motor Models

  • MR
  • MRD
  • MRDE
  • MRE
  • MRT
  • MRTE
  • MRV
  • MRVE

Calzoni Piston Motor Applications

  • Injection Molding
  • Mining
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Oil Field
  • Marine

Your Source for Calzoni Hydraulic Motors

Calzoni is one of the most recognized names in hydraulic units in the world. For many years, their products were recognized by their distinct light blue color. Today, the Calzoni brand is part of the Parker-Hannifin family. As an authorized Parker distributor and repair center, you can be sure that we have the knowledge, skill and expertise that you are looking for when it comes to meeting your needs for Calzoni hydraulic motors.