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Fluid Power Solutions Welcomes Don Schend

Fluid Power Solutions announces Don Schend as an independent representative of Fluid Power Solutions.  Don is positioned well to represent FPS as a Sales Engineer having an extensive background in hydraulic systems, field service and component repair.  He completed his studies in Marine Engineering at the US Merchant Marine Academy, furthered his education in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota and is a Certified Fluid Power Specialist holding a BSME.                                                   

Don has worked in the fluid power industry for over 25 years. His experience includes design, manufacturing, start up and commissioning.  Don also is experienced in troubleshooting and consulting, specializing in developing turnkey solutions for the application of hydraulic components and equipment. Don has successfully designed and commissioned test stands including a universal pump test stand at Hill AFB supporting the F-16 and C-130 programs.  

Dons abilities, coupled with Fluid Power Solutions capability to rebuild, design, manufacture and commission HPU’s of all sizes will offer the customer a one stop solution for their HPU needs.   In addition, FPS will support component repair and remanufacturing of hydraulic components as well as offer access to various industry leading components.  

“We continue to focus on the technical sales approach at FPS”, said Scott Rogers, GM at FPS.  “Customers have told us that they are looking for technically competent support both in plant and with remote support.”  “Our knowledgeable and technically competent staff can work with customers to develop the right support and solution for their hydraulic needs, with Dons background he will extend the high level of technical support that is available to our customers” said Rogers. 

Don and his wife Donna have three Children, Mark, age 25, who will be attending law School, Michelle, age 21, who is a nuclear technician for the US Navy, and Michael, age 16, who is in planning a career in design and music.  Don and his family live near Jefferson City Missouri with their three dogs—Lacie, Marigold and Snickers, as well as a green-winged conure named Loki.  

The team at FPS welcomes Don and is looking forward to supporting our customers.  

To find out more about the support FPS can offer, contact us at 614-777-8954.

Fluid Power Solutions to Manufacture Parker/Denison Legacy Products

Fluid Power Solutions is excited to announce that is has entered into an agreement with Parker Hannifin Corporation to license, manufacturer, and support the Parker/Denison 61, 62, 63 and 900 series of Hydraulic pumps and motors, including:

61 Series: PF61, PV61, PVP61, MF61, MV61

62 Series: PF62, PV62, PVP62, MF62, MV62

63 Series: PF63, PV63, PVP63, MF63, MV63

900 Series: PV09, P1V09, P1F09, PF09, MF90

There is an active installed base of these units throughout the marine and power generation industries. This agreement will allow Fluid Power Solutions to continue supporting the products with a strong aftermarket program that will provide customers with access to genuine OEM parts and repair services. Customers will also have access to new units and remanufactured units.

Microsoft Word - Legacy Agreement External Communication Letter.

Fluid Power Solutions is committed to supporting the market by manufacturing the product to the exact standards of Parker Hannifin through the use of original drawings and Parker qualified suppliers. Fluid Power Solutions “full” power testing capabilities will round out the program.

In addition to being an Authorized Distriparker-keep-it-real-logo-2butor, Fluid Power Solutions is also a Repair and Warranty center for Parker Hannifin and a strong supporter of Parker’s “Keep It Real” campaign. The “Keep it Real” campaign is a message to the market that states that when parts from unknown and unproven manufactures are used, there is no assurance that a product will perform as originally designed. Only genuine Parker parts used by an authorized repair center assure that the product will be repaired to the exact original configuration. That is a key advantage to the customer of the “Keep it Real” program.

The team at Fluid Power Solutions is excited and ready to support the market’s need for replacement units and parts for the Parker/Denison 61, 62, 63 and 900 series of hydraulic pumps.

Please contact us for Parker/Denison 61, 62, 63 and 900 series hydraulic pumps and motors.

Benefits of the Parker Keep It Real Program

Customers worldwide trust Parker’s hydraulic products for exceptional performance, lasting dependability and superior value. But when a repair or rebuild eventually is needed, insisting on genuine Parker Hydraulic Pump Division OEM Aftermarket Parts carries many valuable cost advantages. Parker has established the “Keep it REAL” program to deliver all of them automatically when you specify “REAL Parker.”

FPS is an Authorized Parker Repair Center

There are only a few companies in the U.S. that qualify as Authorized Parker Repair Centers, and Fluid Power Solutions is proud to say that we are are one of those facilities. We are also the only Authorized Repair Center in the Midwest and East.

Gray Parks Versus Genuine OEM Replacement Parts

When market parts from unknown and unproven manufacturers are
used, there is no assurance that a product will perform as originally designed and manufactured. Only genuine Parker parts used by an authorized repair center assure that our product will be repaired to the exact original configuration, perform the same as when brand new and carry our original warranty. That’s just the beginning of Parker’s “Keep it REAL” benefits.

Program Advantages

  • Same original Parker factory warranty extended to the REAL repaired/rebuilt product
  • Assurance of latest design and materials in replacement parts • Replacement parts built
    on same Parker lines as new product parts
  • Quickly accessible authorized repair centers located conveniently worldwide
  • Shortened delivery times, strategic pricing, current parts/kits catalogs

Fluid Power Solutions is a Leader in the Parker Keep It REAL Program

No other name in the industry matches Parker’s commitment to MROs both domestically and
globally. Our exclusive “Keep it REAL” program is continuing proof. For the assurance you deserve, contact Fluid Power Solutions today.

Replacement Unit for a Denison T7EDS-066-B45-1R03-A100 Hydraulic Pump

We were recently asked by Joe if we could provide a quote for a Denison T7EDS-066-B45-1R03-A100 hydraulic pump. The answer is yes!

We are a stocking distributor for Denison hydraulic pumps and other makes and models of pumps that are manufactured by Parker HPD.

If you need parts or service for Denison pumps, motors or hydraulic valves, give us a call at 614-777-8954 or ask for a quote!

FPS Designated as an Authorized Parker HPD Repair Center

Fluid Power Solutions, located 2280 Westbrooke Drive in Columbus, Ohio, has been designated as an Authorized Parker Hydraulic Pump Division repair center. Fluid Power Solutions, under the leadership of Mike Rogers, expanded its Columbus Ohio facility in 2012 and is investing in increasing their hydraulic pump testing capabilities to support the full range of hydraulic pumps manufactured by Parker Hannifin’s HPD division.  Mike Rogers, Founder of Fluid Power Solutions, stated, “We are extremely proud of our designation by Parker.  We committed the resources, and time to make this happen.  Since founding FPS, we have been a niche supplier to the market concentrating on supporting our customers with a unique mix of technical capabilities, and quick reaction times.”

Scott Rogers, General Manager of FPS, stated, “It was a goal of ours to become a Parker authorized remanufacturing center, through the tireless efforts of our team, we completed the strenuous review with Parker and obtained the designation, we are very proud to represent Parker Hannifin.”

Fluid Power Solutions can now take that mix of technical knowledge and quick reaction times to fully support the repair and remanufacturing of the Parker HPD product line, reducing the downtime of the customer.  FPS supports the “Keep it Real” campaign to counter the proliferation of grey market parts that are penetrating the Hydraulic market in North America.

FPS uses only Parker genuine parts in the remanufacturing process, resulting in a unit that is warrantied as new, and offers the end user a cost savings when maintaining their equipment.  The Remanufacturing process is also an environmentally friendly process recycling and repurposing Hydraulic pumps.

In addition to the repair center, Fluid Power Solutions can design and build a wide array of Hydraulic power systems to the customer specification, and is a distributor for the Parker HPD Division.

Fluid Power Solutions can be reached at 614-777-8954 or by email through:

FPS is a  subsidiary of Wooster Hydrostatics Inc., an industry leader in Hydraulic pump remanufacturing, located in Wooster Ohio.  

Parker’s Gold Cup Hydrostatic Piston Pump

Parker GOLD CUP hydrostatic transmission pumps are variable displacement piston pumps of an unparalleled rugged design. With operating pressures up to 6,000 psi (420 bar) and speeds to 3600 rpm, this robust design provides circuit reliability for the most severe applications. The Gold Cup family of pumps and motors consists of seven displacements, ranging from 100cc to 500cc. This compact design has full thru-drive capability, precise lifetime controls, and boasts the fasted compensator response in the industry. Parker’s Gold Cup series of hydrostatic piston pumps provides opportunities to simplify circuitry for lower procurement and install cost, reduce system shock for lower warranty costs, and operate with higher efficiencies for lower energy costs. These benefits are obtained by utilizing the Gold Cup hot oil shuttle package, integrated relief valving, along with Parker’s innovative system solution for handling pressure spikes. Your system deserves the best. Don’t settle for anything less than Gold Cup.

Fluid Power Solutions AWRC Certification

“Founded in 2001 by Mike Rogers, our philosophy,” emphasizes Scott Rogers, Operations Manager, “is to be the technical leader in fluid power. Instead of using traditional customer service, and sales representatives, our approach is to provide technical help and solutions to our customers as a value-added service. Our staff is made up of hydraulic specialists with four-year degrees.”

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